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Fine-tuning a Hebrew translation

Hey, all,

I'm trying to translate something into Hebrew for the purposes of writing/roleplaying, and I'm not sure what I've got is right, so I thought I'd ask here for some help. What I'm trying to get is the phrase "sister of," with the same kind of conceptual construction as "son of" or "daughter of." (e.g, if a person was an orphan raised by an older sibling and identified as that person's sibling in their name.)

Google translate gives me this:

אחותו של

Which I think is "achotu shl?" (I can't tell if that last vav is meant to be an O or a U, or what vowels, if any, might not be in the second word.) Am I spelling it correctly in English characters? And will this phrase work for my purposes, or is there a better one?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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