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Danny Dorfman

German --> English translation please

Can someone please tell me what it says here? (Google Translate doesn't help much)

It appears on an ad postcard from Germany.
. . . O_o
"Froscher" comes from Frosch, which translates to frog. It means "be a bit more like a frog".

so I'd translate this into "Just be a bit more froggy" :-)
Thanks! I'll use it as a caption for this card :)
Hard to say whether or not it's relevant without more context, but there's the common saying "Sei kein Frosch!" which means roughly "Don't hold back!" The message on the card strikes me as something like "Be just a bit more coquettish!"
Yeah, I guess it's one of those things that get lost in translation.

''It was a bit quiet frog.''

it's a pun - someone trying to be funny.
yes, frosch means frog, but the noun frog is used as an adjective here - which makes no sense unless you swap two letters: forscher instead of froscher. "sei ruhig ein bisschen forscher" means "you could as well be a liitle more daring/courageous/spirited/quick..."
or just that simple: "come on, be a little nastier"
so whoever sent you that card might have wanted to tell you something???
Thank you for the detailed answer. This card was not received as a personal message, but as part of the Postcrossing project.

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