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Slovak Translation


My Grandma recently passed away and my cousin and I would like to get tattoos to honour her. We would like the phrases "I love you Grandma" and "I love you more Grandma". I would like some confirmation on what we have translated so far.

Milujem ťa babka

Milujem ťa viac babka

Also the word babka, should it be a capital b or lower case? Also, because these are sentences, should we use the word "ja" in front? Ja milujem t'a babka and Ja milujem t'a viac babka?

If it helps, we were very close to our Grandma.

Thank you so much!

Toulouse cross

'Ce boisson est infernal'

If you handed an unusual drink (in this case home-made damson gin) to a Frenchman to try, and his verdict was 'Infernal!', does that mean 'Christ, this is terrible!' or 'That's well wicked'?   I need to know whether next time I visit my French mates it would be a good idea to bring another bottle of it, or a thoroughly bad one....
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Writing a Polish vodka label

I have grown some bison grass in my garden in Kent and macerated some stalks in a few experimental bottles of vodka, and it has coloured and flavoured them beautifully - it's the real thing.

Now I want to create some nice labels for the bottles. How would you write "Bisongrass vodka from Brompton" in Polish? Would you write 'Wódka Żubrówka' or just  'Żubrówka'? And would you say 'z Brompton' or create an adjective, e.g. 'Bromptonska'?

If anybody can suggest any extra stuff to add, e.g. 'home-made from locally-grown organic grass', please do! 

Lakshmi question

Can anyone tell me what the words on this Lakshmi sticker are?

I'm not even sure how those characters should be typed on a computer and how the syllables of various Indian alphabets combine to form new letters, so it's been impossible to Google the words or anything. Anyone know?
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Japanese pronunciations of English names

I need to know how to say the names Gwyn (pronounced "gwin") and Raven with a Japanese pronunciation, as well as how to write them in Japanese. Maybe Guin and Reiben? I have no idea lol.

Also, would the name Arien (pronounced just as it's written: AH-ree-en) be written アリエン (hoping my c/p worked ^^)?

Thanks in advance!
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Female army officers in Italian?

When referring to/addressing a female officer, do you use the masculine noun and adjectives throughout, or would you make any distinction?

I once read a blog in which a female sub-lieutenant was described as a sottenenssa (cen't remember exact spelling, but it was something like that). Would that just have been the blogger's own invention, or is that a known slang term? If so, just how common/slangy is it?

Thanks for any help.

Englush to Nahuatl

Hi all. I'm new. Aside from English I speak a handful of Spanish.

This is probably tricky. How would one say things such as "Don't be afraid, you're safe, you can stay" in Nahuatl? Pronounciation also appreciated. Thanks.